Ground Energy is an established Dubai-based supplier and trader in energy and metallurgical products.

In addition to supplying coal to a range of international clients, Ground Energy has diversified into the supply of non – ferrous metals and alloys as the demand for these products has grown.

Our experienced team of professionals is aware of the many factors which affect commodity prices and contribute significantly to commodity price fluctuations: supply and demand, stock and inventories, currency strength, and inflation. Our global supplier network and long-term contracts with suppliers ensure that you are protected from the impact of strong price movements.

Despite its reputation as an environmental pollutant, coal has maintained its position in the global economy as a dominant source of energy, mainly due to its role in electricity generation (steam coal) and steel manufacturing (metallurgical coal).

At Ground Energy, we continue to act responsibly in terms of our sourcing of coal and its transport to destinations worldwide. With large reserves in the US, China, Russia, Australia and South Africa, amongst other countries, coal is likely to remain a key energy source for many years to come.

With qualified and experienced people as our key asset, Ground Energy aims to provide a quality service at the competitive price, guaranteeing safe practices, attracting employees and customers who strive to be leaders in their respective fields.

Our Mission

The Mission of Ground Energy is to become a globally diversified commodity trading company, focused on the sourcing and supply of high-quality energy and metallurgical products to the global market.

Our Vision

Our Vision is that by employing a team of socially and environmentally-conscious professionals, Ground Energy DMCC guarantees a consistent supply of products in demand at a globally competitive price and delivery lead-time.

Ground Energy is an established Dubai-based supplier and trader in energy and metallurgical products a trading company centrally situated in the heart of the global economy of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, incorporated under the laws of Dubai Multi Commodities Center Authority.

A Dubai based independent Company, a subsidiary of multifaceted parent company headquartered in Europe.

Ground Energy DMCC is a leading natural resource company. We provide high-quality solutions for Metallurgical and Coal needs. Through our strong operating portfolio, we are uniquely positioned to supply safe, responsible and essential resources for these two distinct markets.

Through our expertise and our recognized safety practices we are prepared to move forward as a respected leader and innovator in the Coal and Metallurgical Industry.

Our strategy is underpinned by our commitment to principles of sustainable development and continuous improvement.